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With Rosti Mepal´s versatile kitchen accessories preparing your food will be a relaxing and fun experience. Our collection includes a mixing bowl, a dough scraper, a colander, a mixer and a measuring cup. A wide variety of spoons, herb pots and our practical Reverso chopping boards complete our great assortment.

Kitchen accesories voor cooking and baking
Herb pots
Buy herb pot - herb pots online
Your kitchen herbs will stay fresh longer
Garlic cutter
Buy garlic cutter online
More pleasant to work with than an ordinary garlic press
Margrethe mixing bowl
Buy mixing bowl Margrethe from Rosti Mepal online
Has been an icon in the kitchen for over 60 years
Margrethe lids
Buy cover for mixing bowl online
Fit perfectly in the mixing bowl Margrethe
Margrethe gift sets
Buy baking set - gift set online
Makes fun cooking gift
Cooking utensils Optima
Buy spoons Optima from Rosti Mepal online
Complete series of cooking utensils
Dough scraper
Buy dough scraper - dough scrapers online
Handy tool for baking enthusiasts
Pastry brushes
Buy pastry brush - pastry brushes online
The flexible brush can reach all corners
Buy whisk - whisks from Rosti Mepal online
Sturdy, comfortable grip
Buy colander - colanders from Rosti Mepal online
Sturdy colander with unique design
Melamine spoons
Buy spoon - buy spoons from Rosti Mepal online
Colourful spoons in all shapes and sizes
Buy organizer for kitchen utensils online
All your kitchen tools within reach
Measuring cups
Buy measuring cup - measuring cups from Rosti Mepal online
Accurate measuring of water, rice and sugar
Pepper and salt mill
Buy pepper or salt mill from Rostimepal online
Perfectly adjustable for a fine or coarse grinding
Draining lid
Draining lid - buy draining lids Rosti Mepal
You no longer need a colander
Egg separator
Egg separator - buy egg separators from Rosti Mepal
Separate the yoke from the egg white
Spaghetti spoon
Spaghetti spoon - buy spaghetti spoons from Rosti Mepal
Ideal for serving spaghetti


Handy kitchen tools

Kitchen accesories voor cooking and baking