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Rosti Mepal has a great variety of functional plastic storage boxes of all shapes, sizes and colours to make any kitchen look smart and well organised. Our shop has the classic Modula boxes for storing dried foods such as pasta and rice and the Stora range has fridge containers for cheese and cold cuts. Special boxes for coffee pads and tea bags are also available.

Storage boxes - containers
Multi bowl Cirqula
Buy Multi Bowl Cirqula
Specifically designed for a complete 'circle of use'
Storage box Modula
Buy Modula storage - storage boxes online
Perfect for storage of dried foods
Storage boxes Modul
Modul storage box - storage boxes buy online
Stackable and with new coloured lids
Storage box Stora
Buy storage box - storage boxes and fridge containers online
Functional storage boxes with a nice ring
Volumia bowls
Buy serving bowl - serving bowls Volumia
Extended collection storage -and serving boxes
Bread box Kore
Buy Kore bread box - big bread box
Suitable for buns, rolls and cupcakes
Tea set T-time
Buy T-time tea set from Rosti Mepal online
Handy for tea bags, sugar cubes and milk portions
Waste bin Calypso
Buy waste bin from Rosti Mepal online
Ideal for coffee pads and food scraps
Pad solutions
Buy Storage box for coffee pads from Rosti Mepal
Pads can easily be placed in and taken out of the box with handy holder
Storage box Harmonica
Buy Harmonica storage box - storage boxes online
For storing cake and crisp bread and rice crackers
Storage box Rolock
Buy Rolock storage box - storage boxes online
Classic round transparent storage boxes

Storage solutions

High quality storage boxes in all shapes and sizes

Storage boxes - containers